PORK has achieved tremendous success on ETH, and now it is converging with X to create PORK-X, a new revolution on BSC.


Revolutionary Merger: The merger of PORK and X has created a brand new trend on BSC, bringing a revolution to the crypto world. Low Tax Rates: A low tax structure attracts more investors, providing them with higher returns.
Professional Marketing: We have a professional marketing team dedicated to promoting PORK-X globally and increasing the project's exposure and recognition.
Listing on Major CEX: PORK-X will be listed on mainstream exchanges, providing investors with more liquidity and trading opportunities. Join us and experience the unique charm of the PORK-X.
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  • We are a project with low taxes
  • renounced contracts after launch
  • a professional marketing team
  • daily trends
  • fast tracking on CMC and CG
  • listing on major CEX
  • top caller support
  • numerous partnerships and global marketing
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    • Token name: PORK-X
    • Token Symbol: PORK-X
    • Total Supply: 4206900 million
    • Taxes: 5/5
    • CA:0xffa20964a42d9f32f3483537624c08983



    • Community building
    • Fair Launch
    • AMA and Community contests
    • Prelaunch marketing push

    PORK-X Rise

    • Community Growth
    • Coingecko/Coinmarketcap Listings
    • Trendings
    • Listing on Major CEX’s
    • Huge Marketing Push

    Meme Takeover

    • Ambassadors
    • Announcement
    • T1 CEX listing
    • 10,000+ holders


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